Phi Delta Lambda

Phi Delta Lambda is the international undergraduate academic honor society for university and college graduates in the Church of the Nazarene.

Northwest Nazarene University's Delta Chapter was founded in 1940 and currently boasts over 1,700 members worldwide. Membership in the society is determined by an annual vote of the faculty. The top 15 percent of each graduating class receives a membership invitation as a result of their demonstration of academic excellence, campus leadership, and responsible Christian living across their college careers. Newly confirmed members are recognized annually at an induction banquet during commencement weekend.

The Greek letters Phi, Delta, and Lambda correspond to the society's commitments to:

  • the love of wisdom (philosophia)
  • the pursuit of righteousness (dikaiosune)
  • service to God and others (latreia)


In keeping with our constitution, the society's purpose is:

  • the promotion of scholarship and friendly relations among students and graduates of the colleges and universities in the Church of the Nazarene
  • the stimulation and maintenance of high ideals of learning, character, and Christian service

NNU's Delta chapter is continually exploring new ways to add value to both our members and NNU's current students. We support these high ideals by encouraging ongoing scholarship, Christian formation, financial support for our current students, and collegiality between members worldwide.

My fellow officers join me in inviting your input about how we can better serve you, our students, and our society. Please contact us at your convenience and join us in praying for our collective goal of striving after wisdom and walking in paths of righteousness as we serve both God and others.

Dr. Edwin Robinson
President, NNU Delta Chapter