Membership Induction

2012 Phi Delta Lambda New Member Induction

On Friday evening, May 4, 2012 more than 160 individuals gathered as NNU's Delta Chapter inducted new members into Phi Delta Lambda, the international undergraduate academic honor society for university and college graduates in the Church of the Nazarene.

Dr. Jay Akkerman, president of NNU's Delta Chapter, hosted the evening along with vice president Dr. Randy Bynum and Carol Poe, the chapter's secretary-treasurer. Dr. Glena Andrews, president of Phi Delta Lambda International, also participated.

President and Mrs. David Alexander were present for the evening along with Dr. Burton Webb, NNU's Vice President of Academic Affairs and his wife, Dr. Kay Webb. Both administrators offered greetings to members and guests. Many parents, spouses, and children of our new members also attended. Prof. Nancy Ayers, the university registrar, and other members of NNU's faculty were also in attendance.

Dr. Janet Harman was honored for her years of service as our outgoing secretary-treasurer. Stephanie Thomas played a piano solo as our musical guest. Chelsea Goelz was honored as our 2012 endowed scholarship recipient, and Astin Salisbury was recognized as our 2012 young alumnus award recipient.

Dr. Edwin Robinson, NNU professor of pastoral theology & leadership, was awarded the chapter's 2012 alumnus award and also presented the evening keynote to our new members.

This year's class is the largest ever inducted into NNU's Delta Chapter. The 47 newly inducted Phi Delta Lambda members for 2012 include:

  • Justin Archuleta
  • Bonny Baldridge
  • Gabriella Bermudez-Koch
  • Heidi Peck Blessing
  • Nicole Bouchard
  • Jessie Cahill
  • Kelsie Carlson
  • Chelsie Collins
  • Trina Collins
  • Natasha Cresswell*
  • Talitha Edwards
  • Josh Farmer
  • Mandy Frank
  • Sally Heckathorn
  • Benjamin Heidegger
  • Justin Hugus*
  • Gabrielle Jarratt*
  • Luke Johnston
  • Justin Kellerer
  • Stevi Knight*
  • Raquel Koehler
  • Kimberly Larlee
  • Laticia Lehman*
  • Dawn Linnell*
  • Thomas Luttrell
  • Thomas Macauley
  • Ryan Mangum
  • Faith Mbaabu
  • Brenna Monahan
  • Emily Ogle
  • Andrew Olsen
  • Sarah Overcast
  • Alyson Rino
  • Jennifer Salois
  • Carolyn Shannon*
  • Robyn Sheehy*
  • Josh Siverson
  • Benjamin Steinbach
  • Kaden Theuson
  • Stephanie Thomas
  • Kailey Trautmann
  • Lacy Burrow Turner
  • Devan Watt
  • Joshua Wiese*
  • Jessica Weaver
  • Ryan Wirick
  • Angelena Zeimantz

*Members inducted in absentia

2012 Induction Banquet Programme