2012 Phi Delta Lambda Alumni Awards

Beginning in 2007, NNU's Delta Chapter has honored members who are making great strides toward living out the society'€™s mission. Young Alumnus Awards are granted to members in the first five years after their graduation; Alumnus Awards serve in many ways like "Lifetime Achievement Awards" and are granted to members who graduated more than five years prior.

In 2012, we were proud to recognize the achievements of Astin Salisbury, who graduated as a member of the NNU Class of 2007 and received our chapter's Young Alumnus Award.

Following her graduation from NNU, Astin traveled abroad Karen entered the University of Washington Medical School where she graduated in 2010. Following medical school, Dr. Diener Halsted entered her surgical residency in Sacramento at the UC €“Davis School of Medicine.

Dr. Diener Halsted was unable to receive her award personally since she was on call during our banquet, but she offered the following response to her recognition by the Delta Chapter:

Thanks for honoring me with Phi Delta Lambda'€™s Young Alumnus of the Year award. I give all glory to God. I certainly did not get where I am on my own.

I grew up in Great Falls, Montana where I was blessed to have a wonderful Christian family. My grandfather was a retired Nazarene pastor who loved NNU and wanted me to go to college there. After visiting, I was very impressed by the close-knit community and the excellent educational opportunities. I thought NNU would be the perfect place to help me toward my professional goal of becoming a physician and also to foster my spiritual growth.

At NNU, I received a top notch education, plus the people I encountered are some of my closest and dearest friends to this day. I firmly believe that the education I received at NNU is only in part from books and lectures. We grow and mature both spiritually and intellectually, which I have found is a unique combination. I majored in Biology/Chemistry at NNU and have many of the faculty to thank for my success. I owe a great deal to them.

After graduating from NNU, I went on to medical school at the University of Washington where I graduated last June. Presently, I am finishing my first year in my general surgery residency at UC Davis in Sacramento, California. When I decided I wanted to be a physician at age eleven, I didn’t really know what kind of doctor I wanted to be. My first time in the operating room, I knew surgery was for me. I love the time I spend with my patients. I especially love the time I spend in the operating room. I am not entirely sure where God will lead me next, but mission work has always been my goal. I have four years left in residency and then I will see where I end up! It’s always exciting to not really know what the next chapter in life holds. My favorite verse and the one that is never far from my mind is Proverbs 3:5-6: "€œTrust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path."

Phi Delta Lambda congratulates Dr. Diener Halsted on her achievements and thanks her for embodying our commitments to wisdom, righteousness, and service.

Previous recipients of the Phi Delta Lambda Young Alumnus Award include:

  • Dr. Karen Diener Halsted (2011)
  • Brendan Blowers, Missionary (2010)
  • Dr. Ben Earwicker, Professor of Spanish (2007)

Previous recipients of the Phi Delta Lambda Alumnus Award include:

  • Dr. Dick Etulain (2010)
  • Rev. George Evans (2007)